For over a decade now, determined amateurs and seasoned professionals alike have been creating wonderful photographs using Adobe Lightroom. This software has allowed convenient and easy image enhancement and improvement through the use of presets. Presets, which allow en masse photo modification, are changing the math when it comes to competing with the level of quality traditionally produced by professional photographers.

High-quality presets are allowing hobbyists, amateurs , nd everyday folks to create some genuinely spectacular, striking and moving photos. Adobe Lightroom’s preset tools are allowing an unprecedented number of people to create, without a huge effort, professional and amazing-looking photos.

Taking Away Any Mystery Surrounding Lightroom Presets 

This article is focused on providing readers with the knowledge on Adobe’s Lightroom. Specific attention will be placed on presets, amazing tools that can be downloaded and imported into Lightroom. This article will attempt to take the mystery out of presets.

By utilizing the power of these tools, you will be able to easily and quickly post edit your photos -– from landscape shots to portraits to everything in between –- in order to consistently reproduce some truly magical and amazing photos according to you or your clients’ unique style wishes and preferences.

If you’ve long been desiring to raise the quality and power of your photography to a new level, then you owe it to yourself to read the following in-depth exploration of Lightroom and its preset tools. Readers will find out where they can find presets on offer for online download — both free of charge and our recommendation for a source of high-quality presets.

Readers will be given some simple, straightforward instructions for effectively using presets with Lightroom to easily and quickly process your favorite camera shots into genuinely striking and beautiful photographs. These effective and innovative tools will save you time. They also allow you to produce more consistent work, for instance, if you wish to apply a cinematic or other theme/look to an entire batch of photos — also called en masse photo retouching and enhancement.

Find Your Unique Photographic Style by Studying Professional-Grade Presets 

With custom, high-quality presets, the above task can be as simple and quick as downloading the presets, importing them into Lightroom and clicking your mouse to apply them to your selected photos. Through these functions and more, Lightroom can aid one in creating photographs exhibiting virtually any established, trendy “look” or theme under the sun. Using high-quality presets will also help those learning to forge their own unique style by offering a “look under the hood,” so to speak.

Presets will help one -– especially those just getting their start in this exciting field -– gain an understanding of exactly what is going on behind the scenes that some skilled photographers do to endow ephemeral qualities such as moods and feelings within their photos in the post-processing phase.

Though composition is, of course, a big part of the worthwhile art, post editing work is instrumental as well. It is in post-processing that professional photographers finish the process of creating their images by controlling how values such as highlights, shadows, blacks, whites and the clarity, vibrancy, saturation, temperature, tint, contrast and more affect the particular look and feel of a photo, all of which are available to fine-tune within Lightroom. The truth about digital photos in modern times is that any photo taken could effectively be considered only half-finished before post edit work is accomplished.

Before getting into some of the steps you need to take to utilize presets in Lightroom and before offering a recommendation for a professional-grade preset resource, some words on the Lightroom software.

This standalone software suite could be thought of as the companion program to Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop has gained renown –- it is a general-use English verb, after all — among designers, artists, illustrators and of course photographers for its unparalleled functionality in allowing one to digitally manipulate photos.

Adobe Lightroom, though, has been quietly working everyday miracles for digital photographers of all stripes for over a decade. It has done this in the only slightly more prosaic realm of photo enhancement, improvement, retouching, organizing, sorting and most all post editing work.

Lightroom is easier to learn and use than Photoshop though it is by no means simple to master. It is a robust program with tons of tools to learn and utilize. Sort of like a virtual darkroom for the digital age, Lightroom offers photographers two indispensable features. The first is its Library module, an excellent tool for sorting, organizing and rating your photo collection.

More relevant to this article is the Develop module and its suite of digital image enhancement and improvement tools and functions. Its en masse photo modification ability is where it really blows away the competition.

Master the Post Edit with Lightroom and Presets 

Lightroom presets allow you to edit an entire batch of photos with the same exact values to fit your unique style or desired to look as easy as clicking your mouse a few times. It is simply one of the best post editing software solutions for both amateur and professional photographers currently on the market.

Lightroom is completely safe for beginners to play around with. Unlike Photoshop — where your photos are permanently altered when making changes — you can enhance, improve or play around with the various sliders and tools to your heart’s content all the while knowing your original, untouched photos remain intact.

All Presets are Not Created Equal 

Presets have a tendency to split into two simple categories. The first and least useful type are what some call one-shot presets. Two examples of these are images applied with a vintage or cross-processed look. They may work well, even wonderful, on one or two photos but lack broad applicability. These limited presets are easy to spot, though, because with most images the effect looks awful.

Though sites offering presets for download free of charge can be useful –- especially for learning some of the ropes of how post-processing and presets work –- many free presets, unfortunately, belong to the above group and provide extremely limited value. It can be prohibitively time-consuming and frustrating as well to sort the online wheat from the chaff in this respect.

The second category of presets, though, is where the efficiency and workflow gains offered by Lightroom’s tools are very much on display. Presets that are genuinely useful, widely applicable and create beautiful photos are what make Lightroom truly shine.

Presets belonging to this category are usually created and fine-tuned over a period of years by a highly skilled photographer. Such presets can form an invaluable resource, enabling the amateur and semi-pro photographer alike the ability to far more quickly and easily post-process their photos for maximum effect and impact.

Lightroom comes with a rudimentary selection of basic presets to play around with. As for free presets offered online, there are many options. Simply search “free presets” on Google and you’ll be presented with a large number of them. These largely belong to the one-shot category mentioned above and are very limited except as a learning tool.

A few words on using presets effectively. The universal tip when working with presets is that you almost never want to choose a preset for a photo and let it stand. Presets are amazing tools, but be prepared to do your own fine-tuning and editing of the various slider values to get the best results possible.

When using Lightroom for the first time, it is easy to become intimidated by all of the tools and functions. However, one of the wonderful and exciting aspects of Adobe Lightroom is that it is so easy to get started and yet there is so much to learn and accomplish as your skills and knowledge improve.

For a recommendation of a source of high-quality presets, we wholeheartedly point towards Dreams and Spark Lightroom Presets. Consider them as one of the best resources for a comprehensive bundle of professional-quality presets currently available.

Their superior presets are perfect for almost any conceivable photo-taking occasion and will imbue your photos with striking qualities –- even for photos that at first look may appear humdrum or lifeless -– depending on which of the presets you choose from. They offer a selection of over 1,200 presets organized within 10 specific categories.

Dreams and Spark‘s impressive preset catalog work with PC and Mac and Lightroom versions 4, 5, 6 and CC.

Though Lightroom has competitors out there and is itself not a cheap solution, its potential to turn your photographs into truly worthy artifacts of your unique style and vision — through its many tools including presets — make it virtually indispensable for those seriously taken with all things photography.